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Organic Wheat Germ Protein Flakes

Organic Wheat Germ Protein Flakes

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Wheat Germ is the small, nutrient rich center of a wheat kernel, packed with minerals and trace elements. A true “superfood”! Lekithos® Organic Wheat Germ Flakes are an excellent source of manganese, phosphorus, thiamin, magnesium, zinc and a good source of folate, iron, protein and dietary fiber. Lekithos® organic plant proteins are single ingredient products always made without the use of carriers, fillers, artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives or chemical solvents.

  • Soy Free, Dairy Free, Fat Free, No Sugar Added
  • 8g Protein, 3g Dietary Fiber, Vitamin B1
  • USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Vegan
  • Raw Material Origin: Germany


Add up to one serving (28g) to your favorite beverage, cereal, pancakes, muffins and yogurt. Keep refrigerated after opening!

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