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Organic Hazelnut Protein

Organic Hazelnut Protein

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Hazelnuts are the fruit of the hazel shrub, which belongs to the birch plant family. The common hazel (Corylus avellana), is native to Europe and western Asia, and cultivated for its nuts. The description avellana derives from the town of Avella in Italy. Raw hazelnuts are naturally rich in Vitamins (B6, E), minerals, unsaturated fats and dietary fiber.

Lekithos® organic plant proteins are single ingredient products always made without the use of carriers, fillers, artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives or chemical solvents.

Suggested Use:

Add up to one serving (28g) to your favorite beverage. Other applications include baking, cereals, dressings, toppings, vegetarian or vegan indulgences.

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