Sunflower Textured Protein, Tasty?

Sunflower Textured Protein, Tasty?

The market industry of plant based meats has been going through the roof …exploding with new options! And I couldn’t be happier!
Featured: Teri Granahan

I recently met with a new plant based meat product. At least, it’s new to me. It is texturized sunflower protein. Sunflower Hache is a product from the Sunflower Family’s line of vegan meals designed to be a “meat alternative”.

I have to say, Sunflower Hache, may be my new favorite meatless, plant based option!
- Teri Granahan

I have made stuffed peppers before, as it has become my “go-to” for trying out any new types of meatless crumble. I find, no matter what the meatless protein taste, if it’s surrounded by other great tastes, it will, at least, be edible and at best, be delicious!. I have previously used Neat Burger, Beyond Meat and have now successfully applied said “stuffed pepper test” to Sunflower Hache!

I have to say, this may be my new favorite meatless, plant based option! The texture is pleasing and most like meat. Beyond Burger is as well, but the pea protein gets to me after a while, digestively speaking. Sunflower Hache is straight sunflower seeds. The taste is also favorable, as in, it doesn’t taste like much. It’s not completely tasteless like tofu. But it doesn’t have a very distinct flavor, which I find useful to be able to incorporate into just about anything you’d use hamburger meat in.

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