What is Wheat Germ?

What is Wheat Germ?

You have heard that wheat germ is a great addition to your diet and a true superfood, but what exactly is it?

Wheat germ is the part of the wheat kernel that is removed when wheat products, like white flour, are processed. Wheat germ is full of vitamins and minerals including manganese which is used for increasing brain function.  It also contains phosphorus to help bone strength, thiamin for energy, magnesium for regulating the nervous system, and zinc for a strong immune system.

At 45 calories per tablespoon, it is easy to incorporate wheat germ into your daily diet. You can even replace up to a 1/2 cup of flour with wheat germ in any baked recipe for added nutrients.

The best part about wheat germ? It's versatile and easy to add to almost any meal. Some examples of foods you can add wheat germ to are oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, baked goods, and as a breadcrumb substitute!

At Lekithos, reliable product sourcing is very important to us, that is why we are proud to share that our Organic Wheat Germ Flakes are produced in Germany and shipped straight to us in Florida. It is also a priority that we create products with as few ingredients as possible, which is why our Organic Wheat Germ Flakes are only made from one ingredient - Organic Wheat Germ Flakes.


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