Top 7 Amazing Benefits of Plant-Based Protein

Top 7 Amazing Benefits of Plant-Based Protein

1. Helps you live longer

Studies have found that people who consumed plant-based proteins had significantly lower mortality rates than those who ate high amounts of animal protein. The protein contained in plants & seeds contributes to strong immune systems & overall longevity.

2. Decrease the risk of disease

Rich in antioxidants, plant-based proteins can help with cancer prevention, reduce inflammation, & decrease the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Also, the high fiber in plant-based proteins keeps the digestive tract healthy & may reduce risk of diabetes & heart diseases.

3. Increase weight control

Eating a diet rich in plant-based proteins has been linked to weight loss & healthy weight maintenance. Plant-based proteins are high in fiber & protein, which leaves the stomach feeling fuller longer. They are also low in calories, decreasing your caloric intake.

4. Improves athletic performance

Athletes that switched to plant-based proteins have had noticeable improvements in their overall athletic performance. They experience an increase in energy levels, recovery, & power.

5. Reduces your consumption of harmful bacteria

Most animal proteins are loaded with antibiotics & hormones. They are also more prone to introduce dangerous strains of illness-causing bacteria. Consuming plant-based proteins by 3% per day may reduce your risk of death by up to 5%.

6. Promotes gut health

Individuals consuming plant-based proteins have a unique gut profile containing less disease-causing organisms & increased protective microbiomes, lowering levels of inflammation. This leads to improvements in your overall health & well-being.

7. Benefits the planet

By choosing more plant-based proteins, you benefit not only your body but also your environment. A plant-based diet has been linked to preserving water resources, maintaining the diversity of plant & animal species, & decreasing the prevalence of greenhouse gases like methane & nitrous oxide.


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